Top 13 ways to make money online

Top 13 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020[Latest]

Hello guy’s hope you are well.Due to this lockdown we all are facing problems.We all want to earn money online during lockdown.


What you think?Earn money online is easy.Well! this totally depend upon your skills and talent.


I will tell you about these methods.Few of them, I have tried myself.But You have to be patience.There is no fast way of earning. I will not give you any false information like you can earn fastly in 15 days.


There are lots of sources available on the internet, I will tell you about all the methods.Are you ready to earn?


There are top 10 best ways by which you can earn money online during lockdown.

earn money online by making videos

Are you an actor?I will tell you a secret, I am very bad at acting.forget It let’s continue to the topic.

But don’t worry if you have that potential  then you can make funny,comedy videos.If You are good at studies then you can make videos to solve problems of students.

Everyone of you will have a good smartphone. you can shoot video from your mobile. 

Upload these videos on Youtube.therefore you can earn million.if you have a unique idea.

You can make various types of videos entertaining prank ,magic,gadget review and many more.


earn from freelancing

I think you all have heard about this term before.If you have technical skills like content writing, graphic designing,website development ,android development.Then you can choose freelancing and earn money online during lockdown.

These are the best site for start freelancing-

But firstly,I recommend you that first you should gain experience like 1+years  in your related field.

Then you come to this platform ,make your profile.Share your work a result chances will be higher of earning when you will have experience.I know some people who earn millions from freelancing.

Similarly if you are a fresher or studying.You can apply for internship work from home. There are thousands of internships available on platforms like

Therefore,you can choose digital marketing, web development ,content writing,according to your interest. You can earn money online during lockdown.The internship range of 5000- 30000rs per month is available on these platforms.

Make Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancer.there are millions of buyers on it.On fiverr you can sell your services from 5-10$.

For start freelancing on fiverr.You don’t need to highly expert in your field.If you have good knowledge.Then you can easily earn 5$.

There are many services available like logo making,article writing,music editing,video editing,voice over ,website making and many more.

Online Store

If you have an store of goods items for daily use.Or you have a t-shirt,shoes shop.

Because in this lockdown situation people don’t go out.So why don’t we open an E-commerce store using woocommerce or shopify wordpress plugins.

Using these plugins,we can easily open an store online.Or you can learn from youtube.


earn money from blogging

Blogging is most famous way of earning but you have to find a good niche for your blog.

This niche could be related to as below-

  • Food
  • bike riding
  • travelling
  • gadgets
  • Programming
  • problem solving
  • best apps
  • technical news.

If you think you can write something.which is knowledgeable,interesting ,funny,then you can choose blogging.

If you are not from technical background.No problem even you can also make blogs.I have seen many successful blogger who are 15 year old and they are earning 2000$ per month.

But if you ask them they will always say that you have be patience and do hard work for your successful blog.So go today and make your blog.

Also check 9 Amazing hacks to get success in blogging


earn money from gaming

There are lots of Youtube gamer and streamers.They are earning millions by playing games.

Most of you have heard about MPL ,winzo.these are the gaming apps from which you can earn money.Seriously believe me, I have tried this MPL app.

Firstly if you think you are a gamer then challenge yourself and try this.There are hundreds of games in this app like car racing, card games,sniper.

Game Like poker, rummy,cricket fantasy ,football fantasy ,chess.these app pay you highest amount of money.

Most important if you are medium player you can earn 10-15$per day and if you are very good then you can earn 100-150$per day.

Sell Photos Online

earn money online by selling photos

This is a another amazing way of earn money online.If you think you are a professional photographer and  know how to click beautiful pictures of nature,animals,dishes, cars.

I recommend if you have a good camera and are passionate about photography. then you should go for it my friend.

There are many sites on which you can sell the pictures online.You can earn a good amount.

Stock Market and trading

Stock Market is most popular way of earning but you have to be patience.If you have knowledge about then you can invest your money on share market.

If you don’t. No worry You can read books,take online lectures for free or paid.

If you are a student then you can try this but mainly focus on your studies keep this secondary.

I have a friend who started stock market during his college. He started from 1000rs after 6 and 7 months. he make 95,000rs from stock market.

You could also earn a good amount of money.if you worked hard and start investing with a minimum amount of money.

Most important thing is always start with minimum amount of money.

Sell Your Designed template

earn money online by selling website design

You can sell themes for website.if you think you are good at web designing or you have good knowledge of adobe photoshop.

In conclusion, if you have a great sense of color,designing. then try to make designs,templates and sell your designs.

There are many websites where people visits to buy themes and design.

If you are a computer science student and you love to design the this could be great option for you.

There are best websites on which you can register and sell your theme-

Affiliate marketing

earn money online by affiliate marketing

Many of you have heard about this term before.If not Don’t worry! lets first know what affiliate marketing is? 

Affiliate marketing is that you promote other company product. As a result you will be get paid.In simple words suppose there is t-shirt on amazon.You promote this t-shirt by your blog.

If someone like the t-shirt and click on t-shirt.Buy it from amazon you will  get a commission.

In conclusion,if you are a you can also try this method of earning money.


earn money online by creating podcast

What is a Podcast? Podcast is an audio file of spoken words.It could be a series of episodes many people love to listen to these audio files.

These could be comedy ,political film & tv,love and relationship,success.

Therefore,you can earn money from podcasting.Promote other companies brands as a result they will sponsor you.after that you will be paid good amount of money.

how can i earn money online in lockdown by Giving Tuition

As we all know that During this lockdown schools are closed.If you are good at mathematics ,English.Similarly technologies like web development ,programming languages. So you can give online tution to the students .

This is one the best ways to make money online in lockdown.

There are online platforms like udemy on which you can go and start will get awesome experience with money.


After reading this article,I hope you will know that how you can earn money online during covid.

At the end I would like to say there is no fast easy ways to make money from home.Be aware from scams.

Thanks for reading!

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