22 Effective Ways to earn money online for students

22 Effective ways to earn money online for students

Hey guys hope you are well.Are you looking for how to earn money online for students during college.

We all have some extra expenses like buy a ticket for a movie,a new video game or other reasons.May be you want to support your family.So how we can earn money while studying in our part time.

I tried some of these myself. In this article you will know how to earn money online at home for students in India.

So let’s start- 

how to make money online in india for students by giving tutionsey by giving tuitions

You can teach children in your part time.If you have good knowledge of a subject, then you can also teach online.

If you are an engineering student, then you can teach lectures of programming languages online.If you have good knowledge in maths, then you can give maths tuition.

To find students, you can create a page on Facebook. Or by creating a template you can place it where more visitors visit. like near the bookstore or school.

If you have friends.Ask them to teach their little brothers and sister.Or ask to your relatives. 

In conclusion by teaching you can earn  35 $ -100 $ per month.It depends on how much you can spend your time.


How to make money online in india for students by doing internship

Part time Internship is the best way to earn some extra money.You can apply for many internships such as content writing, technical writing, wordpress development, web development.

We can also apply for work from home internship and earn 35 $ to 200 $.

Before applying for an internship, you should prepare some sample work ,which you can add to your resume. This increases your chances of getting an internship.

You can upload your work samples to GitHub. And add the link to your resume.


earn money by making youtube videos

It is the best way on how to earn money online for students.. If you are not shy about showing your face, then you can create videos like funny, prank, technology, gadget review etc.

If you do not want to show your face, then you can make animation videos. But for this you should have good knowledge of animation.

Share your videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram. So that you get more views and likes.After this, you can earn a lot of money by monetizing your videos with YouTube adsense. 


earn by gaming

You can earn a lot of money by playing games on gaming apps like MPL, Winjo, Loco.But keep it secondary.Pay attention on your studies.When you sign up in these apps, you also get a sign up bonus.

In these apps,transfer the money directly into your bank using Paytm.These apps have games from beginner level to professional level.Gaming is also one of the best ways to make extra money online.

If you have good knowledge of games like poker, rummy, then you can earn a lot of money.You can also create a gaming channel on YouTube and earn millions by playing games.

Build your Website

How to make money online in india for students by building your own website

If you have passion of something,like travelling,cooking,technology.Then start a blog. This is another best way to earn money online free.If you have good knowledge of web development, you can make a blog.

For this you will first need a great topic.Blogging on topics such as Traveling, Art & Craft, Programming, Food Making, Motivational Quotes, Movies Revives, Gadgets, Technology, News, etc.

You can make money online with google. Using Google Adsense to monetize your blog. Which gives you money click per cost.

Google Adsense will show ads on your website. Using which you can earn a lot of money.For a successful blog learn seo,digital marketing and content writing.

Sell Photos to make money online

How to make money online in india for students by selling photos online

If you have good knowledge of photoshop, then you can click amazing photos of nature, cars,animals and sell them online.There are many online companies that give you good money in exchange for those photos.

Can you make some great photos using your creativity, imagination? If yes, you can also earn money by selling photos.

Adobe Stock and Getty Images are websites on which you can sell photos.

Sell Website Design

How to make money online in india for students by selling themes and plugins

You can sell website design templates, If you know how to make responsive designs for websites and you have a great sense of colors and pictures.so you can make WordPress themes, templates of apps, websites, and many more.

There are many online websites where you can sell these designs.

Start your business

start your business

This is the best method.you can try this.if you have a group of friends who wanted to start a business like a software development company,digital marketing, coaching institute, a school.

You can choose this platform but you have to invest in this type of business.but if you have good knowledge of software development ,website development,then you can surely try this method.

You can make a facebook page for advertisements of what type of softwares you make.if you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur then you should try this.

Data Entry work

How to make money online in india for students by doing data entry work.

This is the simplest way on how to earn money online at home for students in India.For this you need a computer and internet.

In this you have to write accurate data for companies and their clients.With a decent amount of money.These are the websites where you can find these jobs

Translator Job

Start translation jobs

Do you have knowledge of multiple languages and you want to use this skill to earn money.There are many people and businesses who want translators for their business.some online sites you can check these websites.freelancerupwork

Stock market


Unlike other this is little tough for beginners.if you want to earn from stock market then you can Learn from online lectures and google.

But you have to be careful don’t invest a lot of money on share market.start with little amount of money.otherwise you could lose your money.

Sell ebooks

sell ebooks on amazon

This one is the reliable way to make money online from home. If you have interest in writing,you think that you could write something which can attract Peoples.then write ebooks and sell it on amazon.

They have lots of customers so maybe you can sell a huge number of copies and get a high revenue from it.

Sell technical products

earn money by selling technical products

Do you belong from a technical background?then you can sell technical stuff made by you.Like power supply,arduino based projects ,home based automation system.but make reliable Products.

Content writing

best business ideas in india with low investment Do content writing

Freelancing is another method on how to earn money online in India without investment for students.you can become a freelancer writer,and can get a job as A content writer.many bloggers hire content writer for their blog.

If you think you have good Writing skills then you can do content writer job.These are the online websites for freelancer work freelancer,upwork,peopleperhour.

Gigs on fiverr


You might have heard this term before .you can create gigs on fiverr and sell them by $5.and can earn lots of money from fiverr. What is a gig? Gig is called what work you can do?

These are small tasks which you can offer for5$.there are thousands of customers online who purchase these gigs daily.You can create logos,animation videos ,websites and many more gigs.

Open Dance Academy

start a dance academy

I think this method is very cool for earning money.students who have good dancing skills,and they Have passion about dancing.they can try this idea.

You will earn with fun by using this idea.if you have a group of friends then you can start with them  and  do advertisement of your academy on facebook,instagram.

Create An app

make an android app

Students who are good at programming can make an useful android and ios app.You can create gaming app ,educational app.

Publish this app on app store.and promote it.when user will download this and find it useful.You can earn a lot of money from app development.This is also best method on how to earn money online at home for students in India.

Affiliate Marketing

best business ideas in india with low investment Start affiliate marketing

In Affiliate marketing you promote a third party product .if that product is purchased from Your affiliate link then you will get commission.You can start your blog for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another online way on how to earn money online at home for students in India.

Social Media Marketer

earn by social media marketing

You could become a social media marketer if you have good knowledge of social media platforms.Become a social media marketer is best method on how to earn money online at home for students in India.

Companies pay to social media marketer to promote their products and services.You can earn lots of money by becoming a social media marketer.

Resume Making

earn by resume making

If you are an expert in resume making then you can start this online service,lots of users want to Make their professional resume so you can make one of them.You will get paid to make a professional resume.

You can create a social media page to promote your service.tell your friends to share and like your page.so whenever someone wants to make his/her resume they can contact you.According to me this is best method on how to earn money online for students during college.

Part time job

Do part time jobs

This is one of the best ways to make money from home part time for students. You can find part time jobs from the internet or local newspapers.

This depends upon your convenience, such as whether you want to do a job in morning or in the evening.you can search for a good job with a good amount of money.

Paid Online Surveys

paid surveys

There are companies who always look to the consumer who completes their online survey.they paid for these services.

As a student this is best method on how to earn money online at home for students in India option for you. surveys take only 10 minutes to complete.you can earn a huge amount of money by taking these online surveys.

These are best online survey sites for cash swagbucks,opinion outpost.you can go on these websites,and check.you will also get a signup bonus.

But be aware from fraud sites.First check on Internet properly.


After reading this article I hope you will get idea about how to earn money online at home for students in India.

Thank for reading!

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