Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Find Profitable Niche

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Find Profitable Niche

Are you struggling,how to find a profitable niche?No worries! The same thing happened to everyone. Even I am on the same side.

Seriously it’s very difficult to find a good topic for blogging. When we think to create a blog.

We search on the internet, see youtube videos. But at the last When we sit in place to think about the idea. Nothing works. This is so irritating. I don’t like this to find an idea for blogging.

But after some time, we forget everything and try to search for the topic. Even we see the same video again or read the same blog after and after.

The same thing happens to me. Does this happen with you? I want to know Please! Please!

Now, what to do.No worries I am here to help you. I will tell you How to find a niche for blogging.

Which gives you money. After all the important thing is to earn money from blogging. Am I right?

Write down your all ideas which are in your mind for a blog topic

How to find a profitable niche for blogging

In this take a pen and paper. and Think about your interest, passion. Whatever ideas are in your mind, write it down.

Maybe some of you will be students. You will be thinking let’s make a blog on studies. Like mathematics, English.

Other like web development, programming language tutorial, and all.

Some of you will be thinking of-

  • Food
  • Travelling
  • About your city
  • health tips
  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • News
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Quote
  • Jobs
  • Interviews

There are many ideas that will be striking in your mind.depend upon your age, Your profession.

You might be thinking let’s make a blog related to this and that. So how to choose one best blog topic. Which suits your passion and interest.

Pro tip-May be some of you can’t find your passion and interest. It’s not necessary that you make a blog for passion.

You should find a profitable niche for blogging. You can gain knowledge on that topic later.

So did you note down your ideas?


What are doing go for it now.hahaha!Don’t mind my words.

If you want to know more about blogging and How to earn money online Check here.

how to pick a blog topic from the list we have made?

For this select the ideas, In which you have an interest and you can write continuously on the topic.

Think twice, do you have knowledge of the topic. And you can write 3-4 posts per week.

Because if you choose such a topic, in which you have not enough knowledge.After 2-3 articles. You may be getting in trouble that What to write in the next article.

The same thing happened to me.I was stuck. Getting not any idea about the next article is not a good feeling.

It’s very important in how to find a profitable niche,that you write some articles before starting a blog.

But don’t worry. Here I am with you to solve your problem.

So now select those ideas from the list in which you have less knowledge and interest.


Okay, I know you have done. I am a magician you know. If you are not following with my article. I will know.hahaha!Bad joke.

Do some keyword research to select a blog topic

How to pick a topic for blog

As now we wrote down our ideas and make two sections.

One is for our interest and the other is for not interested.

Now let’s do some keyword research.

How to do keyword research for selecting a blog topic?

I know most of you know the tools for keyword research. But I have to tell you.

So let’s see the free tools-

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google trends
  5. Keywords everywhere(Chrome Extension)

For now, We will use google keyword planner. Now in this input your keywords in the search box.

Now you will see a list of keywords. So find Which topic is high monthly searches.

Now note down all ideas. Which have high monthly searches?

Apply this technique to both the section. Interested and non Interested list.

So let’s see the next Step. 

Try to find Can We write 20-30 Posts on the Selected blog topic

Now you have to be confident that you can write 20-30 posts in the future.

As I previously said that after writing 2-3 articles.we may be stuck.

So make sure to ask this question from yourself.

My advice: When you select a final idea for your is my suggestion that you write 5-6 posts before starting your blog.and publish these in one or two weeks.

Might be ,In future if you get stuck, You will have enough time to think about a new article.

This point is very important to find out the perfect niche for your blog.

Are others interested in these topics which I have chosen as my blog topic

Ask a question from yourself. Why others will read your blog. Are you providing some knowledgeable stuff? Or from your article, their problem is going to be solved.

how to find a profitable niche on which others have interest.Also remember this point.

The main thing is to know your audience. Solve their queries. Provide something. Which is not available all over the internet.

Don’t worry,Because previously we already searched on google and now we know that what people search.

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How can I earn money from the selected blog topic?

How to find a profitable blog niche for blog

After all, the main thing comes from money. We want to make money from blogging. So we should know, how can we earn money from this selected topic.

For this, the blog topic which you have chosen, Search on the internet and see other blogs how they are earning.

Are they displaying google ads or affiliate marketing? Or they are selling their own products.

My Advice


At the last, I hope that you will get your idea on how to find a profitable niche for your blog.

Remember all these points while choosing your blog topic. If I miss something.Comment below.Best of luck for your blogging journey.

Do share if you like Please.

Thank you for reading!

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