8 Amazing tricks to get Do-follow forum backlinks

Hey Everyone! As we all know that backlinks are very important for sites to improve search engine rankings.

Do you know we can get high quality Do-Follow forum backlinks? The backlink will increase your domain authority and page authority.

If we want to improve our Domain rating. So try to get more quality do-follow forum backlinks.

So let’s see how we can get a do-follow quality backlink to our site. In this article, we will see how to get forum backlinks.

Find forums related to your niche

This is the most important step, in which you need to find a forum related to your niche blog.

If you post in a forum, Which is not related to your niche. I think it’s not going to work.

Suppose you write about blogging tips. So try to find blogging related forums. Like SEO, article writing. Join these types of forums.

Posting in these forums,You will not only get a high-quality backlink. This will drive huge traffic to your website.

Find subtopics related to your niche

Suppose you are writing about blogging. So you can also talk about web hosting, domain name, article writing.

In forums,we can find subtopics. And post on these forums.

How to create a backlink

First of all, sign up with a username and password. Try to make a profile that looks real.

After this, you will get a confirmation email.You have to verify this email to post on forums.

Complete your profile and signature. In some forums, in the signature section you can also include your website link.

After this When you create a new post or thread. Include your link in between your article.

Always post an article related niche. If you will post your article out of the discussion.

Maybe you get banned by the forum. Because they will think you are a spammer.

Format of the article while posting

In forums click on the new post or new thread button. after this try to write 2-5 paragraphs with 4-3 sentences in each paragraph.

If you want to use images or graphs for better explanation.use bullet points. Also, try to link other posts .if it is important.

Avoid spelling mistakes. For this use the Grammarly tool. This will auto-correct your English.

In the middle of the sentences give your link. Either use anchor text or give full links to the related article.

Use heading, subheadings. make these bold. This will leave a good experience of other readers.

When replying to a topic. Do not use words like the nice post, great topic. Use 2-3 line sentences.

First of all read article. Pick up a point from that article. And talk about this.

Example-The way you explained how to do internal linking of the post is very important for on-page SEO.Thanks for sharing.If you want to know more about on page seo techniques.Please visit Website link.

In this way, you can reply to a post. Or leave a link to your related article.

So remember these points while you are posting in a forum. Look This should not look like that we are doing spam.

How to best forums for backlinks related to our niche

Now We have seen how we can create a backlink. It’s time to find forum lists for seo. For this in google search box type Topic in URL: forum

Replace topic with your niche. Let’s see an example

Suppose niche is about SEO

So write like this  Seo in URL: forum

forum backlinks sites
forum backlinks sites

You will get free dofollow backlinks forums related to your niche.

How to check A forum is giving a do-follow backlink

Some do not give Dofollow forum backlinks. So how to check.

For this visit in a forum. Find a post that has a link included. Now take the mouse cursor on the link. Now do right-click. After this click on inspect.

forum backlinks sites
get free dofollow backlinks

In rel=”nofollow” if you see something like this it means this is Nofollow backlink.

And we can also use the google chrome extension to check the backlink.

Make a strategy to post in forums

Now when you find the best forum on which you can post articles. Its time to maintain a strategy. And avoid getting banned due to spam activity.

First of all, read the forum guides and rules, this will help you to get a high-quality backlink. And save you from getting banned.

Be friendly to all users on forums. Do not use abusive words in your content.

Always post related to the discussion. Posting out of the discussion is not good.

Advantages of creating backlinks from forums

The first reason is we all know high DA and PA.

The second is we will get valuable audience to read our blog. Some of them may become permanent readers.

Posting in forums will build a strong relationship with other members of the forums. So try to make good friends on forums.

Maybe you get in touch with an influencer or a blogger.So you can ask them for guest posting or free forum backlinks.

We could learn from forums about new ideas, technology. And implement these ideas on our website.

Remember these important points while posting in forums

  • Find a forum related to your niche
  • Read Forum Rules and Guidelines
  • Be on the topic
  • Write useful content
  • Use friendly language
  • Do not post daily
  • Avoid spamming

Wrapping Up

After all this, It’s time to do the action. Now find the forums related to your niche. Make a profile on them.

Post content on these forums. And remember all these points while creating a backlink to your site.

In the beginning, it’s a little bit tough to create backlinks. but we have to be an expert in this. So keep practicing to increase high-quality do-follow backlinks for your site.

Do not afraid to do new experiments.After all you are a winner.

Try to not get banned from forums.Read the guidelines and rules.You will be thinking why,I am telling these again and again.

Because Its important.So what are you waiting for,create forum backlinks for your site.If you have any query,Do comment.I will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading this article!

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