How To increase traffic on Blog like a pro

How to increase traffic on blog like a pro

Hey Guys! I know you have started your blog. Also, you have written an amazing article. It’s not a big deal to start a blog in 2020. But the question is how to increase traffic on blog?

In this article, I will share easy, free, and fast ways to grow traffic on your Blog.

So let’s see what are these tactics which you can apply to increase traffic on your blog.

How to increase traffic on blog by knowing your audience

Before writing an article you must know your target audience. Try to figure out what are the problems they are facing. Who are they, I mean are they Younger, students,teachers,job searcher.

Then try to solve their problems with your article. Write such an article, after reading your article, they found their solution. They need not go read another article.

After all unique content is very important for the article to drive more traffic on your blog.

Keyword Research

How to increase traffic on blog by doing keyword research

This is the most important step in finding profitable keywords for your blog. For finding keywords you can free tools like-

If you wish to use paid tools –

You can use any of these to find keywords for your article. Always try to find low competition and long tails keywords.

Because by using long-tail keywords you can rank your article easily on google.

How to get Traffic on website using on Page SEO

After finding keywords its time to place them correctly in your article. First, install any of these plugins for SEO-

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • All in One SEO

Now in Rank math plugin, you will see a score of SEO on your article. First of all, you have to select the main keyword.which is also called keyphrase. On this keyword, your article will be ranked on google.

Remember these points while doing on-page SEO of your article-

1. Don’t use keyword stuffing.
2. Use keywords in your subheading.
3. Use alt text and proper title related to your keyword in images.
4. Use keywords in the meta description
5. Use keyword in your title
6. You can also use keyword in the slug

Use LSI keywords in your article. Google updates its algorithm. How Google finds, your article is best for the visitors. Googles crawlers check these keywords and put your article on the front page.

Suppose I am writing an article about How to make a blog-

  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • SEO
  • Plugins
  • Themes

These will be the LSI Keywords. When You will place them in your article, Google crawler will see these keywords.And put your article on front page.

Make the article visible and readable

How to increase traffic on blog by your website design

 While posting an article try to make it clean and clear.

  • Choose the right font, font size, and color.
  • Keep paragraph and sentences shorter
  • Use a friendly tone
  • Avoid Grammatical mistakes, I recommend to use a free Grammarly tool. Install this extension in chrome or Mozilla.
  • Properly use images,videos,chart,bars.For images thanks to free tool canva which is best for creating images, logos, infographics, and more.

We all know about human behavior. if found that paragraph is long.there are no images, videos. We leave the article without reading the important information provided in the article.

So it is best practice to follow the above points to make articles compatible with search engines.

Write Guest Post       

Now the main problem is for beginners like us that we can’t find websites for guest blogging. So how to solve this problem?

First, join groups on Linkedin and Facebook. When you will search blogger.threre will be many groups, join them.

Second when you visit other bloggers comment their post on Facebook, Twitter, or website.

Don’t ask directly for the guest post. First, make good connections by commenting and sharing their posts.

Then ask for submitting a guest post on their blog. When they will approve your post. You will get a high-quality backlink on your website.

Now offer them to write a guest post on your blog. This is the best approach to attract an audience to your blog.

Write answers on Quora

I like to write answers on quora. We can generate high traffic from it. There are millions of users.

So this is the best way to gain an audience on your blog. When you write answers, give a link to your website.

If you are not doing this. Let’s do this from today and make a profile on it.and start giving answers.

Make a professional Website

What is mean by a professional website? Let’s see 

  • Choosing the right platform for blogging
  • WordPress is the best and easy platform to start blogging. I will recommend using the WordPress cms.
  •  Anyone can easily learn to create a website on WordPress.The best thing it is free and easy to use.

Design Of your Website

Install a simple theme like Astra and ocean wp. Try to make the design clean and simple. Most beginner thinks let’s make something different and attractive design. even I also think. But remember we are not designers.

But Simple design is best. You don’t need to buy any paid themes as I mentioned above these are free themes.

Optimize Speed Of website

How to increase traffic on blog by speed optimization

The speed of the website is a big factor in terms of increasing traffic. Try to minimize your loading time of page.

No ones like slow loading.If users find that your website loading time is high. They will leave the site without reading.

First Check Your Website Speed using these tools-

Then it time to come to increase the website speed. You can use these tools to increase the website speed-

  • Wp-Rocket
  • Autoptimize
  • Cloudflare Cdn
  • Wp Smush

Remove unnecessary plugins and themes. Clear cache of the website using autoptimize plugin.

Capture Your audience Emails

When new visitor visit on site we do should not lose them. Try to capture their email. By a newsletter.

Why audience will subscribe to your newsletter. Provide them some free content like ebooks, blogging tips, or whatever-related to your topic.

This will give an attraction to the audience for subscribing to your newsletter.

How to create an email newsletter?

Mailchimp is the best plugin for creating a newsletter. You can capture up to 2000 emails on the free version.

Also, we can use pop up a subscription form on Mailchimp.So install it today and increase your traffic by email marketing.

We can bribe our audience and fans by providing them some ebooks and informative articles. by subscribing to your newsletter.

You can generate traffic by providing these free content.

How to connect With other bloggers?

How to increase traffic on blog by making connection with other bloggers

As I mentioned above you can make a connection by commenting on their blog.

When you start blogging. it’s important to know others about your blog.thats why making good connections is very important.

Read other blogs related to your niche. Comment on everywhere like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

By doing this you network will grow and chances will be increasing that you get a backlink.

Buy Paid traffic

We all know that competition is very high in blogging. So we have to do something unique to get success.

I know that it’s a little bit difficult for new bloggers to spend money on paid things. Even for me in the beginning.

If you can spend a little amount of money for buying the traffic.this is the best method for you.

For ads, you can use Google AdWords, Facebook ads, quora. The best option is Facebook. from here you can get valuable traffic at a cheap price.

Use Social Sharing icons

Install Sassy Social share plugin. Best free plugin for sharing an article. This is necessary because if your fans like your article.they will share your article.

By doing this you can generate traffic to your blog. To install this plugin today and drive more traffic.

Update Your old posts

Try to update your old posts. because when the audience found your article outdated they will leave your article. Also in the search engine, your article will be outdated.

So it’s very important to update your article for the best user experience. You can also reshare your old posts.

The freshness of articles is very important. Remember this, always update your old posts.

Be Active on all Social Media Platforms

How to increase traffic on blog for free? For this You must be active on all social media platforms. Your audience will know you.

Try to post regularly on social media platforms. Because activeness is very important in everything.

If you can write 3-4 articles in a week. It is best practice for growing traffic on your blog.

Other Social Media Platforms

Other social media platforms like Pinterest, Reddit. This is also the best platform to drive traffic to your blog.

When you will be active on all these platforms. Then you will know how to increase traffic on blog fast.You will Learn to publish articles on social media.

Learn SEO and Marketing

When you start blogging, be ready to learn new things. I will not say that you join a coaching class or something. Learn while doing.

Start your blog and what you learn to try to implement on your website. It is the best practice.

Learn new marketing skills that how to attract an audience to read your blog. How to subscribe to your website.

I know that there is so much mess. learn this, learn that apply this technique, and all that.Don’t look at him.he is angry because all these rules.

There is so mess

But believe me, if you follow all these points with all your hard work and dedication. You will know that how to increase traffic on blog.

Regularly check Google Analytics and search console

It is the best practice that you daily check your blog traffic. Analyze from which platform more traffic is coming. Optimize your content according to it.

See search console if there is not any problem.there are few points you should check-

  • See your website sitemap
  • Track the performance of the website. Is there any error like mobile usability and others.
  • Check No indexing of category.
  • Security Check is very important.

These are the most important points. You should take care of these points.

Make Your page on Social Media Platform

You have seen many groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook. These groups have millions of members.

Why don’t you try to make your group and ask them to join you?This is the best strategy to build a valuable audience for your blog.

Try to find people who are in blogging send them a request to join. This will be good for generating traffic on your blog.

Motivation For your Blog

Let me tell you something if you are new to blogging. I know you are facing the same problem which happens to everyone in the beginning. and the problem is the traffic.

But don’t worry! Don’t think too much about traffic. You should pay attention to publishing a post regularly on the blog.

Learn SEO and marketing skills. Apply these tactics on blogging. Follow all the above-mentioned points.

After 6-8 months you will see improvement in traffic. because SEO takes time to work.

You have to make your brand on the Internet. When you will be available everywhere on the internet. It will be easy for Google crawlers to find your website.

I think 6-8 months is enough to spread your blog over the internet.

Final Thoughts

I am sure that if you follow all these rules. You will get success in gaining high traffic.

So from now came out of your comfort zone and do hard work. Apply all these tactics to generating blog traffic.

Make a list of all these techniques and try to apply from today. I know you can’t do everything in one day. Even no one can. but start from today.

I think this is enough for gaining traffic on your blog. If you think there could be more points in how to increase traffic on blog. then you can suggest a comment section.

Thanks For reading this article.

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