The Best Things About How To Start A Free Wordpress Blog

The Best Things About How To Start A Free WordPress Blog

Are you thinking of making your own blog.I know that many questions will be coming in your mind, such as which topic to choose, where to buy hosting, where to buy domain.

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. The same thing happened to me.

I will tell you how you can make your own blog even if you are from a non-technical background.

This process is very simple, you can create your blog in just half an hour.follow these steps.You will know that How to start a free wordpress blog.

First of all you will need domain name and hosting.Let’s know about domain name and hosting.

what is a domain name?

Domain names are the identity of your website. Like, It is called domain name.

What is hosting?

Hosting gives your website a place to live on the Internet as you want a house to live.

When you get hosting and domain name.then you can continue to make your blog.

Paid hosting and domain name

There are many companies that provide hosting and domain names for free.I will tell you about the free WordPress hosting and domain name.You will learn how to create a WordPress blog for free.

When you take the domain from WordPress for Free, you don’t get custom domain name. you get a

If you want to buy a custom domain name, you can buy a domain name from  bigrock or godaddy .These are both Indian companies. In which you can pay by debit card or UPI

On the website you get the domain name at very cheap prices.

You can buy hosting at very cheap prices from 0.79 $ per month. But you will have to purchase for 48 months.But many plans are available on this. You can select according to your needs.

There are many companies that provide hosting at very low prices. Such as HostGator, Bluehost, Dreamhost.

There are many Indian companies that are offering hosting at very low prices like They provide hosting for 60 rupees per month.

I agree that it is difficult for a beginner and a student to spend a lot of money on hosting and domains.

But if you want to spend a little money, then I advise you that you can buy hosting for 60 rupees per month from vapour host. If you want, you can also make monthly payments.  

I recommend you to buy web hosting and domain at very cheap prices.

Free hosting and domain name

Let us now see how to get free hosting and domain name from WordPress.

Firstly go this and sign up then choose free plan.

Secondly most important find the domain for your blog. These domain names will be a subdomain because you are taking free hosting.

like can also remove it later. But you have to purchase hosting .

In conclusion, in free plan you can not install any plugins.

Once you have registered your free domain and selected the free hosting a result will redirected to the control panel. You can customize your website on this.

WordPress is already installed here.After that on the sidebar you will see an option wp-admin.Click on that you will taken to the dashboard of wordpress.

Step2:Installation of theme

Now see in the sidebar, there will be an option of appearance.You will see the option of themes, click on it.

Therefore you can add themes from here and see the live demo by clicking on it. Now activate a result theme will be successfully installed.

Step 3:Create you First Post

Now look in the sidebar, there will be an add new post option. Click on it. Then give your post a name.

When you write your first post, then click on the publish button so that the whole world can see your post.

Hurray! You have created your first post.Now you will see an option View your a result see your post.

Disadvantage of Free Hosting and domain name

If you want to experience blogging or want to learn start a free blog. So you can get free hosting. But if you want to earn money from it, then buy hosting and domain name. This is my suggestion.

In conclusion, buy monthly hosting plans and domain name at very cheap prices for a year.Don’t think too much try this monthly plans hosting.

Exact Metrics

Exact Matrix is a great free plugin of WordPress.Install this plugin on your website.

As a result,users from which country are visiting to your site, how many mobile users are there and how many desktop users. You could know all this and check daily report.

exactmetrics plugin

Yoast SEO

This is the second best free WordPress plugin. What is SEO? When you do some search on Google. Like how to start a free wordpress blog? Then Google gives you the most relevant answer on the first page.

In conclusion,this is called search engine optimization.

This plugin describes the quality of the post such as length of title, image name, readability.


Google Adsense

You can place ads on your website using Google Adsense. As you have seen the ads in many websites and blogs.

In short,when traffic comes to your website, you can earn money from Google adsense.

Earn money by Google Adsense


I hope that after reading this you will be able to create your first blog. Now you will know that How to start a free WordPress blog.Comment,if you start your blog and share your link.I will be happy to see your blog.

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