How to become a freelancer

How to start freelancing as a beginner

Hello readers! Hope you are well. I am going to tell you this secret about how to start freelancing as a beginner.

Most people ask the same question, how to start freelancing with no’s okay if you are a beginner.but if you have the right skills then you can start freelancing jobs.

So let’s talk about how to start freelancing as a beginner.

How to become a freelancer online

First, the most important thing is to find a service for your client. This depends upon your skills. There are some services which you can offer.

  • Software Development

You can offer services like website development, android or ios app development, and game development. If you are thinking that you are not an expert. then no problem you can choose your level as a beginner on Upwork.

  • Graphic Design

The next service is graphic design, logo making, and website designs.

If you have good knowledge of software like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator. Then you can offer these services to your client.

  • Writing and translating

 Most companies require articles for their product. Even professional bloggers want content writers for their blog.Translating articles like from one language to another is the best freelancing service. For this job, you should have a good understanding of grammar.

  • Customer Support

You can also work as a customer support executive. In this, you have to deal with clients on calls and emails. This freelancing job requires good communication and problem-solving skills.

  • Social Media Marketing

Companies want social media managers for promoting their brands and services. For this, you should have good knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

How much money can you make as a freelancer

How much a freelancer can earn from freelancing

You could get according to per hour or a complete project. In freelancing, you have to decide, How much money you will take to complete a project. As a beginner, You could charge for a minimum amount of money.

And remember what you are charging, it is best for you and the client both. When you become an expert in your field then you charge a high amount of money.

Second thing, Don’t charge so low that you have to face financial problems.

If you are having problems deciding on charging then you can check here. They have explained very well, how much you charge for freelancing.

Freelancing websites

freelancing websites

How To Start Freelancing As A Beginner using these famous well-known websites on which you can start your journey as a freelancer.


Upwork is a global freelancing platform for freelancers. You can easily set up an account on Upwork.after this selects your skills and your level.

Millions of freelancers are registered on Upwork. Once you registered then you can browse projects on Upwork.Before applying read carefully about the project description.

The advantage of Upwork is they take payments from clients before starting the project. When you deliver the project and client approved project, then money will be credited into your account.


Fiverr is the best online platform for freelancers, millions of freelancers and clients are registered in this platform.

In Fiverr you can sell gigs(Gig is work you offer to the client.) at a minimum of 5$. There are lots of gigs available like Software development, graphic design, videos, and animation.

Freelancer is the best website for freelancers. This was founded in 2009. The founder is Matt Barrie.

Like all here you can also easily sign up and select your top skills. after this, you can see projects.


People Per hour is a Uk based company, It is also one of the best websites for freelancers.

The most important thing, I am going to tell you is, these above-listed companies take a commission from your money.

In the above-mentioned companies, you have to pay some percentage of your earnings between 10%-20%. Depending upon your earning. If you are earning a high amount or a low amount of money.

How much money can a beginner freelancer earn?

When you select your niche and you get your first client, now it’s time to know how much you will charge for money?

I will suggest as a beginner, we should charge a minimum because we are learning and gaining experience. Always ask your client to give a positive review of your work.

When you will complete your first project this will give you confidence and you will gain the trust of your client.

Give a little bit of a discount to your client. This is important because in the future they will contact you for work. Without applying. So this will be good for you.

After this, you will know how much time is taken to complete that project then according to it. You can charge for the project.

Make a Portfolio

A Portfolio is very important for starting freelancing. Because in a portfolio clients will know your skills and past projects.

In a portfolio you can set up links you have created before, explain about them what you have done. You can also share your skills related to your niche.

This will help your client to understand you better. Provide your contact details like email.

For making a portfolio you can make a WordPress website for free or you can go for a paid one.

To make an online portfolio is very easy if you are from a tech background even if you are not then you can check here. You can also use paid tools like for making an online professional portfolio.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing


  • You can work whenever you want. You are your boss
  • If you have skills then you can earn a lot of money
  • You will interact with international clients, so this will improve your skills and work experience.
  • No time limits like 9 to 5. Whenever you want you can work at your flexible timings.


  • There are millions of freelancers all over the world so competition is high. You have to face the competition.
  • No one is going to help you, you have to work on your own. Then this is also a challenge for you.
  • The payments may be late, or sometimes you will not get the project.

How to Start Freelancing as a Student?

Freelancing for college students, I will suggest you apply for work from a home internship. Gain some experience from here.

There are online sites from which you can choose work from internships in India. Internshala, Hellointern.

You can get work from home internship from here. Like web development, commerce, financial, writing, and so on. If you want to do free projects for learning then you can also choose free projects.

Once you complete your project you will get experience and now you can go for a paid one.

On Internshala easy signup and select your skills and level of skills. Prepare an awesome portfolio for your resume.and apply for the internship.

Important Tools For Freelancing


Use this app for contacting your client for voice calls and messages. This is the best and secure app. You can do regular meetings and give updates about the project.


For giving updates of work and sharing files. Always use this, it is also best and secure.


For project management and daily task report you can use Trello software.trello is best for monitoring the project report.


For Withdrawing your payment use Paypal.this is the best safe and secure payment option.

Don't Quit Your Permanent Job Before Starting Freelancing

Don’t quit your job until you will earn good money from freelancing. Because this may happen that by freelancing you will not be able to earn money like your job.

So this will be a pro tip that wait until ,you start earning a good amount of money from freelancing.

Boost Up your Skills

Learn new skills

When you complete your first project is better that you boost your skills, whatever new skills you have learned from previous projects. This will improve your work experience and quality of work.

You will stand different from the competition. If you always improve your skills. The chances will be higher for getting a project.

Take online courses like web development, SEO, digital marketing, Whatever relates to your field. You can use platforms like udemy still rush, Coursera, Linkedin for these courses. 

Then apply these skills to complete your project.and earn a good amount of money from freelancing.

Tips When You become a freelancer

  • In some freelancing sites, they offer subscription plans.You can take subscription plans. This will help you to get your project faster than the free plan. The cost of membership is not too high, You can cover this in your projects depending upon your project.
  • While selecting the project first read the description carefully. Understand complete project only then say yes.
  • If you feel any problem understanding something you can ask the client to explain everything. After taking a project it’s not good that you do it in the wrong way.this will affect your rating.
  • When You are applying for a position always use a different overview of yourself that you are a perfect fit for this project. Do not copy-paste while applying.By doing this chances will be increased that you will get that project, So be unique for every application.
  • Give 100 % satisfaction to your client. Don’t be irresponsible. Always do hard work for the project. Because this is very important. As a result, you will become a professional freelancer. So the client will give you a high rating.

Wrapping Up

In the end, be professional online for freelancing. Make an awesome portfolio. This will attract more clients to you. I hope now will know that how to start freelancing as a beginner.

Thank you for reading!

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