How to optimize blog posts for seo

9 Awesome Tips to optimize blog posts for SEO

Hey guys! Do you want to know how to optimize blog posts for seo great! 

As we all know that seo for blog is very important because it helps to increase more traffic to our website.

In this article, You will know how to write SEO friendly blog posts? .Which will help you to improve website ranking in search engines.

When beginners like us, start blogging.It’s difficult to do keyword research.

We see videos, read blogs. Hardly find a keyword. then one more confusion comes. how to use keywords in article?

In the beginning, we are not so much aware of free tools for keyword research.

I don’t know about your experience, but for me, it was a bit difficult.

So let’s come to the point, You will be thinking this guy is talking about here and there. But Cool! Let’s see-

Use these free tools for keyword research.

In the beginning, choose long-tail keywords. Try to find Keywords That have high monthly searches. And low competition.

how to do seo in wordpress

Suppose you choose the Keyword “How to start a blog.”

Now when you select this keyword, open your notepad or word and Write it down.

How to optimize blog posts for seo by using LSI Keywords

What are Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords? LSI keywords are related to your focus keywords. Let me give an example-

Previously we selected a keyword “how to start a blog.”

Next, Search this keyword on Google. Notice that there are similar keywords. Now Note this down in your list.

As you will see in the list, these are the keywords-

How to write seo friendly blog posts
  • How to start a blog for free
  • How to start a blog on WordPress
  • How to start a blog Business
  • How to start a blog on blogger
  • How to start a blog with no money

These are the LSI keywords should be placed in the article.

While Placing keywords in article.Avoid Keyword stuffing.Don’t worry I will tell, how you can adequately place keywords on the article.

Use keywords related to your focus keyword. We have selected this “How to start a blog” Keyword.

How to write seo friendly blog posts

If we will use words like hosting, domain,SEO, keyword research.

When Google crawlers see our article and finds these keywords, they will put article on the first page.

Now note down 4 -5 keywords from here on your list.

Great! Now we have done Keyword research for our blog post. Now let’s see in short ,What points to remember While Searching of keywords-

  • The first point is to Select low competition Keywords.
  • High monthly search volume
  • Long-tail keywords
  • LSI Keywords

Remember these 4 points while choosing keywords and note down all this. I also do the same.

Install a WordPress plugin for SEO

I am guessing that you will be using WordPress for blogging.

So now, You already know about SEO plugins for WordPress.But I am going to tell you.Because I previously said long articles are good for search engine ranking.haha! Again worst joke.

There is a list of plugins you can install any one of them-

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Rank Math
  3. All in one SEO

So Which plugin you have installed?

I am using Yoast SEO.

What next!

SEO article Writing

How to write seo friendly blog posts

It’s time to write a fantastic article. Do we need an expert?

Or hire someone? Naah!

Let’s write our article on ourself, for writing a fantastic piece. Read other blogs and stories.

Read your competitor’s blog. Try to find What they missed. Include that missing part in your post.

Do you know long a articles are ranks quickly on the search engine?If your competitor is writing an article around 1500 words.Then write your article 2000 words.

But maintain the quality in the content. because writing lengthy articles in the beginning is not an easy task.

Keep learning while doing. Use Grammarly tool for grammatical errors.

Be friendly with your readers. Use a warm tone in the article.

Remember these points-

  • Make sentences and paragraph shorter
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Write Unique Content
  • Do proofreading of the article
  • Use headings, subheadings, Bullets
  • Upload images and videos

Now Its time to choose a killer headline for your post.headline is the most crucial thing for rank in google.

Try to make catchy headlines.It is the first part of article visible to readers.

If you are unable to decide how to make a headline, then try this.

Title Generator – Tweak Your Biz

In this put our main keyword on the search box, you will get excellent results from here.

How to optimize blog posts for seo

We have selected Keywords,Choose headline and write an article.

It’s time to know How to optimize blog posts for seo.

how to do seo in wordpress ?

First of all, remember to avoid keyword-stuffing.

Now paste your article on the editor. Let’s follow me from here-

I am using here, Yoast SEO.Don’t know about you.But see an option like, a focus keyword or focus keyphrase.

how to do seo in wordpress

Previously we have chosen “How to start a blog”.This is our focus keywords.

Next, write a meta description.

how to do seo in wordpress

This is the short introduction of your article.Which tell readers ,what they will get this post.Use focus keywords in the meta description.

You will see a green line if everything is perfect in the meta description.

Now use focus keyword in slug URL.

SEO Content Writing Tips

How to optimize blog posts for seo

First, use the focus keyword in the first line of the paragraph. Make it bold.

  • For title use the H1 tag 
  • Main headings use the H2 tag
  • For Subheadings H3 tag

Use LSI Keywords in the article.

We have written our LSI keywords on the notepad. Use these keywords as subheadings.Keep an eye on keyword density.

When you are placing keywords, pay attention that they are matching with sentences.

Readers should not feel that you are doing stuffing. This will give a negative experience on your audience.

In order to know How to optimize blog posts for seo.follow all these point.

Internal Linking and Outbound Linking

How to optimize blog posts for seo

Now Do internal linking of your posts.But try not to use your focus keyword for internal linking. 

You can make a note like read here about this article.

Internal linking of the post is essential.So that users quickly visit your website from one page to another.

Make outbound links.These links are in which you connect with other sites.

Like I give you an example,  google keyword planner, so I add a link on this word.

So you can easily visit. This is also very important for SEO.

If you do not use internal linking and outbound linking. seo score will be low. You can see an orange notification.

Make it green to optimize blog posts for seo.

How to optimize blog posts for seo

How to use images and videos in the article

How to do seo for a website

Always use images without copywriting. Thanks to canva for creating images.

Use this tool for creating high quality images. This is best,easy to use, and free tool.

Make featured images with the help of canva tool.

Now in terms of SEO, use keyword in the alt text of images.

Use a proper title. Don’t use aaaa.jpg. I also save my images and documents with such names.It’s so annoying to give them a name. And I am a lazy person.hahaha!

Again bad joke.Sorry! I am not going to crack such bad jokes again.

But you should give a proper name to your images and in the alt text.

Our focus keyword was how to start a blog,that’s why use this keyword in alt text.

Now for videos, don’t upload it to your media library. Use the link of the video.

Simply upload videos on youtube.copy link and paste in the article.

Do not use stopping keywords like “a,” “an” “to” In your permalink structure. Google search engine ignores the links which have stopping keywords. So avoid them to use.

Use tags and categories for better user experience

In the beginning, its difficult for bloggers like us to create categories.Because we do not have too many blog posts.

If you do not have an idea about what are categories and tags in WordPress. So no problem.

Suppose you have a math book.There section like trigonometry, algebra,tactics. These called categories.and there are chapters in these sections.These called your post.

So if you want to use categories, no problem.After write 10 -20 posts, then make categories of them.

Tags are important for readers as well as search engines. When readers click on the tags, they will see related posts to that tag.

Wrapping Up

At last, I hope that you will get an idea of How to optimize blog posts for seo.

So keep learning while doing.Follow all the points to get success in blogging.Do hard work.

Be patience if you are serious about blogging.Feel free to ask any help. please comment. I will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading!

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