Top 20 Best Ideas for Youtube Channel in 2020

Top 20 Best Ideas for Youtube Channel in 2020

Being tired of searching ideas for youtube channels? Don’t worry, I am here to help you.I have top 20 latest ideas for youtube channel in 2020

These are the top 20 latest ideas for youtube channel in 2020,Which help you to create your Youtube  channel.Which topic should I choose? Most of you will have your ideas in your mind.but you will be looking for the best one.

It’s very challenging for a beginner to choose a topic for videos.I suggest you to watch videos on youtube.You will find,what is trending on youtube.Suppose if something is going viral on social media.its an Opportunity for you to make a video on that topic.

I have researched on youtube videos and find the top 20 latest ideas for youtube channel in 2020.I am not going to give you 100+ ideas which confused you.I will give you 20 best ideas which are Tending.

After analyzing videos on youtube there are 20 trending topics for you.Which will help you to Start your journey,to become an youtube star.

Youtube videos ideas

When I am free, get bored. I go on these channels and it makes me laugh. We watch these videos with our friends and share them with others. If you think that you are funny,You can make anyone laugh.This is the best option for you.

There are thousands of channels who are doing this.They have millions of views and subscriber.So think about this. You could also create your youtube channel on comedy videos.

Famous youtubers like Ashish chanchalani vines,BB ki Vines.Amit bhadana.They have millions of subscribers.

2.Prank videos

prank videos

Prank videos can make anyone laugh.If you can show your face on camera, you can make videos in Public places.Then you should try this.You can do this prank with your friends in college.I love to watch these videos.

Please do not make such pranks which hurt people.this could be illegal.People may harmYou please be aware of that.

Famous youtubers like  Prank Buzz, AV prank tv have millions of subscribers.


3.Unboxing Videos

latest unboxing videos

You can make unboxing videos of mobiles,watches,toys,branded clothes.Most of viewers love

To watch unboxing videos.Tell about specifications usage and price to the viewers.Compare these with  other products.

Technical guruji ,Trakin tech are the famous youtubers of unboxing videos.Viewers love to watch Their videos.They have millions of subscribers.

4.Gaming videos

gaming videos

In India the biggest channel in gaming is  Dynamo gaming with 7million+ subscribers. He makes videos on PUBG gameplay.Fan love to watch his videos.If you think you are good at gaming then you have to go with this trending idea. 

You can make Gaming videos on pubg, gta vice city,nfs.If you are a good player in PUBG you can start to Make short clips on pubg.Show your skills to viewers and share your experience.Tell them about your strategy how to play Like a pro.

Mortal, gamexpro, are the famous youtubers who have millions of subscribers and likes on their Channel.This is one of best among top 20 latest ideas for youtube channel in 2020.

5.Educational Videos

Educational videos

Are you a good student? Are you the master of a particular subject? You should try to create a channel on studies. where you can do live streaming.You can share your knowledge to others.

If you do not want to show your face.Then you can use ppt or other video editing apps to hide your Face.If you have good knowledge of a particular subject you will surely get subscriber.You will also Learn by teaching others.

You can take help with your friends.If your friend has good knowledge of that subject.

Last moment tuitions,,Aman Dhatarval are the famous youtubers. They have millionsOf subscriber.

6.Health tips

Heath tips videos

If I want health tips then I go for youtube channels have millions of subscriber.You can give tips like what to eat for breakfast and to gain weight.there could be many Ideas.

You do not need to show your face in these types of can explain by images or animations.

Fit tuber , Rohit khatri fitness are the famous Indian youtuber.they have millions of subscribers.

7.Cooking Videos

Cooking videos

If you are a foodie or you have passion in cooking.You think your food is take your camera.when you are going to make food shoot the video.Tell them about the secret of your to decorate the dish and try something new to it.

I love to eat delicious food.Although I don’t know how to make tea.I am very bad at cooking haha. Forget it is a very bad joke.But you could become a successful youtuber.

The famous youtubers like Nishamadhulika, CookingShooking have millions of subscribers.

8.Magic Videos

magic videos

What do you think, is there any magic or not? Well I don’t know.there are many magicians on youtube.They make people wow by showing their tricks.If you know any magic trick then I will suggest you create a channel.

If you don’t know, you can read From internet.Check from youtube can search magic tricks  revealed videos.You will  surely get some awesome tricks from there.which will help you to create your channel

There are famous youtubers Hindi magic tricks, 13 magic tricks have millions of subscribers.

9.Experimental Videos

experimental videos

You will say what are experimental videos? You can do weird experiments like add mentos to coca cola.But be careful in these types of videos this may hurt you.

The famous youtuber like Yash ke experiment, Mr. Indian hackers have millions of subscribers.

10.Dancing Videos

dance videos

I tell you a secret.I am very bad at dancing.But I love to watch dancing videos.If you are a dancer.You think you dance like a pro,you can attract an audience.

 Then you should try this.If you have a group of dancers friends,you can shoot awesome videos.There are many channels.On youtube who have millions of subscribers.

Dance fit live and Gm dance center have millions of subscribers on youtube.

11.Animals Videos

Animals videos

I love to see cute animals. I have seen many channels who have dogs,parrots. Their videos are Very have also seen cute videos of animals many time.If you have a pet.

you wish to have your pet.Pets are very can make your videos.But remember don’t harm them.

There are famous youtubers like Milperthusky,Mountain husky  have millions of subscribers.

12.Bike Riding/Vlogger Videos

bike riding videos

Do you have a sports bike? You can vlog your daily life..If you have great ability to express yourself to others, then you can try this.You can show your bikes,cars about specification,Speed,price.

But be careful while you make videos on bike riding.Drive slow and stay safe.

JS films ,Mumbiker Nikhil are the famous youtuber.They have millions of subscriber.they makeVideos of their daily life and travelling.

13.Motivational Videos

Motivational videos

There are so many people who are struggling.They are fighting from the world.Everyone has problems in this world.So if you can help them this will be a great work.

You will also feel motivated. when you get positive comments on your videos.You can try to make Motivational videos.

Sandeep Maheshwari, mulligan brothers, jeetfix are the famous youtubers.

14.Historical facts and Real facts

historical videos

If you have great knowledge of history.You want to share your knowledge to the world.You can tell about ancient forts , kings, queens history.

People will love your videos if you tell them by adding pictures, photos and music to it.

The most famous youtubers are Hindi Countdown,Historic Hindi.

15.Sketch and Painting

sketch and painting videos

When I was in 9th standard.I loved sketching.I like to make paintings of mountains,Rivers ,trees. If you also love painting, I am sure that everyone likes your paintings and sketches.

You can try to make videos of making paintings and sketches.Step by step guide to teach childrens And adults.

RapidfireArt and Sourav Joshi Arts have lakhs of subscribers.

16.Technical Videos

technical videos

If you are an engineering student then you can make videos related to projects.Example-Arduino based,Projects ,raspberry pi .You can make step by step guide videos..This will be helpful For the students who are studying in engineering.

You can provide a circuit diagram,program of arduino. From what site you have bought all this stuff.You can give a link in the description.

The Nevon Projects and The Electronic guy have lakhs of subscribers.

17.Fashion and Beauty tips

fashion and beauty tip videos

In every group there is a boy or girl who always tries to look beautiful and attractive.he/she always looks pretty.when you go for a party or a special try to look different by makeup.

Everyone wants their skin to glow and have an awesome hairstyle. If you can give this type of tips to other.You should create a youtube channel on this.

Ranveer Allahbadia is the famous youtubers who create videos on this topic.

18.Latest Jobs and Interview group discussion videos

interview job related videos

A fresher college student when passed out from college.they search for a job.How to apply for Job? How to prepare for interview and group discussion.

If you are an experienced person you have done all this before so you can help them.You can tell them how to dress proper.what types of questions asked during an interview.

If you are always updated about what is new opening in a company.what are new government Jobs. How to apply.then you can also create a video on this topic.

Neo world tech is a famous youtuber.he creates videos on latest jobs.The urban fights she tells about English speaking and interviews.

19.Animation videos

Animated videos

If you shy to show your face in public.then here is the great idea for you.You can make animated videos.You can show what happens in real life through your animated videos.You can make funny, story telling videos.Children love to see this type of videos.

Famous youtuber like Make joke of and Angry prash have millions of subscribers.

20.Travelling Videos

travelling videos

Travelling across the whole world is the dream of everyone.You also want to see the whole world(I also want).If you wish to go new places and have a camera,then you can also make travelling vlog.

Many people wanted to go somewhere but they could not go due to some reasons. They search on youtube.

Mountain trekker and Tanya khanijow are the famous travelling bloggers.


I hope this article will be helpful for you.May be you will get your idea after reading top latest ideas for youtube channel in start your successful journey as a youtuber.All the best!.

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